Sedation Options

We understand that some people are nervous when visiting the dentist, even the mere thought of it may leave you putting off making an appointment. Dental anxiety is very common and can range from feeling a bit tense through to total panic. It might be a smell, the sound of the drill or a sensation that makes someone uncomfortable. At Ocean View Dental we get that it’s a horrible thing to feel anxious about your visit and we don’t judge, we just want to alleviate your stress. We do this in two ways; 1) our expert caring staff and dentists who will walk you through everything and do their best to put your mind at ease 2) the following proven options for making your treatment a comfortable experience.


IV Sedation or Twilight Sedation for patients with moderate-severe dental anxietyIV SEDATION – “Knock me out”

IV Sedation (also known as Twilight Sedation) is an excellent option for those patients experiencing moderate-severe dental anxiety. The sedation is performed at our practice and is a convenient way for patients to have treatment done who don’t want to be fully conscious for the procedure. The visiting doctor will insert a needle into your hand or arm and administer the medication that will send you into a light sleep or relaxed state. After having IV sedation, most patients do not remember the procedure at all.

Most treatments can be performed under IV sedation including wisdom teeth extractions as well as fillings, crowns, hygiene treatments and other minor surgery. We require all patients undergoing sedation to be accompanied by a family member or friend when they leave our practice. Patients can resume normal daily duties the following day.

If you would like to find out if IV sedation is an option for you, please book online by selecting IV Sedation/ Sleep Dentistry Consultation our call our staff on 72311816.


Oral sedation for patients with mild-moderate dental anxietyORAL SEDATION – “give me the drugs”

Oral sedation, usually in the form of tablets, can be suitable for mild-moderately anxious patients. Depending on the type of dental treatment required and the level of anxiety, our doctors will prescribe the medicine best suited for each patient. You do not need to visit your medical doctor to access this service – our doctors will be able to prescribe this medication for you. If you would like to find out if oral sedation is an option for you please contact our staff and our dentists will be able to discuss the options with you during your initial consultation.

If you would like to find out if oral sedation is an option for you, please call our staff on 72311816.


Nitrous oxide or Happy Gas for patients with mild dental anxietyNITROUS OXIDE – “happy gas please”

Nitrous oxide or ‘Happy Gas’ is a common method of making our patients feel more relaxed and is suitable to those who are mildly anxious. Rather than being nearly asleep for the procedure, Happy Gas allows patients to have a reduction in sensation while still being awake.

During the procedure, the doctor can adjust the setting and increase/decrease the volume of gas to ensure a comfortable experience.

This method of sedation is particularly beneficial for children and for those who need a little help relaxing so they don’t feel as tense during treatment.

After completing the treatment under nitrous oxide, the doctor will ensure you feel back to normal and not lightheaded. It is safe to resume daily activities after this type of sedation.

If you would like to find out if nitrous oxide is an option for you, please call our staff on 72311816.