Nervous Patients

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

At Oceanview Dental we understand that dental procedures / visits may be uncomfortable for some patients. We will always treat you with gentleness and care.

However if you:

  • Are feeling anxious
  • Had a bad dental experience
  • Need a lengthy dental procedure
  • Need multiple dental visits and cannot find the time
  • Have a gag reflex

IV Sedation is the perfect solution for you!

Intravenous sedation (IV sedation) is an option that allows for dental procedures to be performed while you are under the influence of a sedative drug administered via an injection. It is often referred to as “sleep dentistry” or “twilight dentistry”.

Sleep dentistry is different to surgical procedures performed under general anaesthetic—you are not unconscious, but rather in an induced highly relaxed, sleep-like state.

When you ‘wake up’ you will not remember anything about the entire procedure, will feel no pain during the procedure and will feel like no time has passed. Dr Alex Lam is specifically trained in IV sedation/sleep dentistry and is fully qualified to perform procedures using this method.

Let’s take the fear out of dentistry!

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