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How should I brush my teeth?

It is important to get into routine when brushing your teeth. Here are some brushing techniques you could use at home:

Place the head of the toothbrush against your gum line at a 45-degree angle

Move the brush in small circular motions, brushing 2-3 teeth at a time

Brush the outer surface of the teeth and gums, upper and lower

Brush the inner surface of the teeth, to clean the front inner teeth, tilt the brush vertically. Use gentle up and down strokes with the head of the toothbrush

Brush the biting surfaces of your teeth

Lastly make sure to brush your tongue too! As it can have bacteria build up that may cause bad breath.

If you would like a demonstration on using the correct technique using either the manual or electric toothbrush, please speak to one of our friendly staff.

How often should I brush my teeth and why is it important?

You should brush your teeth twice a day- morning and before bed. Brushing your teeth is important as it removes the sticky film build up on your teeth called plaque. The bacteria in plaque is the main cause of tooth decay and gum disease.

How can I provide the best care for my child’s oral health?

To help your child protect his/her teeth and gums and reduce the risk of tooth decay, here are some simple tips you can teach them:

  • Help your child to brush his/her teeth until they are eight years old. Brush twice a day; in the morning and before bed with an appropriate fluoride toothpaste and a soft bristle toothbrush!
  • When your child starts to brush on their own, check to see that they have removed all of the sticky film build up on the teeth
  • Look in your child’s mouth often to check for any early signs of tooth decay
  • Eat a well-balanced diet that includes a wide variety of nutritious foods, limiting starchy or sugary foods especially between meals as they are the main cause of tooth decay.
  • Offer your child tap water to ensure they get enough fluoride content to help protect their teeth
  • Make sure to take your child to the dentist regularly.

What are some facts I should know before taking my child for their first dental visit?

Here are some tips for a positive first dental visit

  • Arrive earlier before the appointment time to let your child become familiar with the dental environment and the dental team
  • Once in the surgery, allow the dentist to speak to your child directly. Often our dentist will ask silly questions to assess how well your child is responding so we ask for your cooperation in allowing your child to communicate with us directly rather than answering for your child.
  • Make the appointment early in the day so your child is bright and happy
  • Talk about dental visits positively, like they are teeth doctors that help keeps our teeth shiny and healthy! Highlight the fun, interesting aspect of visiting a dental clinic! Don’t scare them!

How often should my child visit the dentist?

It is recommended that a check-up should be every six months to prevent dental problems. However, our dentist will also determine how frequently the check up should take place based on the condition of your child’s mouth, teeth and gums.

When should I take my child to the dentist?

The general rule is six months after your child’s first tooth appears, or no later than the age of 1. Primary teeth usually erupts in around 6 months of age. Taking your child to the dentist at a young age is important to prevent dental problems such as tooth decay and can help parents learn how to clean their child’s teeth and identify any dental problems or needs.

How can I pay my account?

For your convenience we accept payments by cash, direct transfer (pre-approved), EFTPOS and credit cards. For those with extras cover, please bring along your health fund card so we can claim the benefit for you. We are also able to provide information for Denti-care payment plans and help you sign up if you prefer to pay off your treatment.

What are the key values of Ocean View Dental?

The values we stand by are;

Professionalism – The minute we greet you to the moment you leave you know you are dealing with a professional practice that is respectful of you. You can rely on and trust in our team to look after you no matter what the circumstances.

Caring – Everyone visits the dentist with different feelings, needs and ideas about what outcomes they would like. Our amazing team are highly qualified to thoroughly assess the condition of your oral health. Where we excel is working with you to support decisions about which treatment options that are right for you and then taking care of you during your appointments with us.

Precision – the fine work of dentistry requires great precision to achieve brilliant and lasting results. We have things running like clockwork so that you are completely satisfied with the care we have provided you.

What is ‘dentistry for generations’?

We are committed to providing dentistry for generations. To us this means looking after your oral health through out all the stages of your life. Providing you with expert dental care that you can trust. There is no greater sense of accomplishment for us that being known as the ‘family dentist’.

Do you offer payment plans?

Certainly! Many of our patients like to spread out payments to help them manage their cash-flow while achieving optimal dental health. We are proud providers of Denti-care – an interest free payment plan option. Some eligibility criteria does apply. Please discuss your financial needs with our front office coordinator to determine if a payment plan may be suitable for you.