FAQ Type: <span>Home Care</span>

How should I brush my teeth?

It is important to get into routine when brushing your teeth. Here are some brushing techniques you could use at home:

Place the head of the toothbrush against your gum line at a 45-degree angle

Move the brush in small circular motions, brushing 2-3 teeth at a time

Brush the outer surface of the teeth and gums, upper and lower

Brush the inner surface of the teeth, to clean the front inner teeth, tilt the brush vertically. Use gentle up and down strokes with the head of the toothbrush

Brush the biting surfaces of your teeth

Lastly make sure to brush your tongue too! As it can have bacteria build up that may cause bad breath.

If you would like a demonstration on using the correct technique using either the manual or electric toothbrush, please speak to one of our friendly staff.

How often should I brush my teeth and why is it important?

You should brush your teeth twice a day- morning and before bed. Brushing your teeth is important as it removes the sticky film build up on your teeth called plaque. The bacteria in plaque is the main cause of tooth decay and gum disease.