Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Collage of perfect smilesAt Ocean View Dental we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to give you a perfect smile that you can be proud of!

Cosmetic dentistry is an area of dentistry that has received a lot of media attention lately. Many social media posts are about ways that you can improve your smile. Our dentist are very passionate about providing beautiful long lasting results however the starting point is to really understand you and what results you would like to achieve. Not everyone wants to look like a Hollywood movie star however most people do want to improve their smile. Our dentists can guide you to options available for your face shape and smile and once you have discussed what it is you would like to address then we can often try in the ideal smile in your mouth so that you can really see what the changes will look like.

This is an example of a case Dr Anna Kanter completed at our practice. Our patient had numerous concerns with her teeth including chipped teeth, uneven teeth, lack of back teeth, discoloured teeth etc. Working together with our patient we determined the best colour to suit her skin tones, improve the uneven and chipped appearance and created back teeth for her to chew comfortably with. Our patient wanted an improved result with still looks natural and she was very happy with the outcome.

Before and after photos of a patient’s affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment

Is it costly?

There is no doubt that modern dentistry, and particularly lasting cosmetic outcomes can be expensive. The incredible advances in technology we use, highly developed skills of our clinicians and overall quality of materials and techniques all come at a price. We pride ourselves on delivering affordable dentistry and cosmetic treatments are no exception. During your consult we are very upfront with our fees and have interest free payment plans to assist with budgeting.

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